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Thank you for sharing your booklet Rick,

I read it last night and it was a quick read and a blessed one. Your heart of love for God and for people shines through. Also enjoyed your humor. Perhaps the only suggestion I could make for your consideration would be to include some reputable sources and quotes from the scientific community to support the claims of ill-effects of eating meats? Also, to balance the view, I think you could also include the scriptures that God encouraged His people to eat animals, in addition to the purpose of other dietary laws of Leviticus? A blessed endeavour, keep writing for His glory!
Your sister in Christ,

Kaylee Smith:

Rick Crane did a very good job writing his book! I like the pictures, the bible verses and how it was written. It was easy for me to understand but also written in a professional way. It wasn’t too long or too short. I learned about how important and relevant it is to be careful about what we eat, especially in 2017! It had a very positive affect on me and inspired me to eat better from now on. My favorite part was the last page but before the epilogue.I actually cried when I read that part because it made me realize how much God loves me and how fortunate I am to be a child of God. It gave me a lot of peace and comfort because I know it only came from the Lord. Its a good little pick me up read! I recommend it!



My brother in Jesus Christ, Rick, WOW! I read your entire book, The ABC’s of God, Nutrition, and Common Sense, in one breath. I could not put down. I have also learned through difficulties and carried in my heart the information you have collected and provided in a clear and concise way. I agree with what you wrote more than 100%. This book needs to be shared with the world to help people be saved and have an abundant life.
Congratulations my wise friend!

In this book, THE ABC’S OF GOD AND COMMON SENSE, Rick Crane has shown us the importance of eating good food, and that we should never neglect our body’s nutritional needs.  Also, as the body needs the right nutrition; so man needs to fill the emptiness of his life, with a trust and a personal relationship with  God.  Let us focus on what is a priority, and what really counts in our lives.


Emma Jean